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Digital TV Aerials

Digital Switchover

When the old analogue television signal switched off in your area, you may have found the quality or ammount of coverage you are able to receive has changed. If this is the case it is likely you will need to convert or upgrade your equipment to accept the new signals i.e. to digital. TV Aerials made simple have a wealth of experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of satellite and digital TV aerials. If your television is more than five years old, one of the easiest and cheapest way of upgrading is to buy a set top box or free view receiver. Other ways include installing satellite, cable or broadband. Failing this a new Television will be required. Digital TV aerials, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire

Your TV aerial is capable of receiving a digital signal but to receive the best signals digital TV aerials are needed. We offer a complete digital TV aerial installation, fully fitted and working to your satisfaction from a qualified fitter for just £45. This includes removal of the old aerial, supply of the new aerial, including parts and of course fitting

The Digital switchover is now complete so now is the time to act.

We only use Digital TV aerials which have been CAI benchmarked. This lays down the minimum standards for the technical performance based on the specific requirement for satisfactory digital terrestrial TV reception. book

Digital Aerial mount

The correct positioning of the aerial is crucial. Most aerials are mounted either on or near to a chimney which can block the signal. Trees and other high buildings can also cause interference to the signal. We ensure the Aerial is mounted to recieve the optimum signal strength. Our service also includes:

  • Installing new digital coax cable (up to 12 meters) run to a suitable position for connection to a single point in the property.
  • All coaxial cabling will be run externally, and on all installs, holes will be drilled for cable access.
  • Any internal cable will be tacked to the skirting board.
  • The coax cable shall be terminated with the required cable connector.
  • All wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements

We will test your TV reception making sure everything is in full working order and ensure you are completely happy with our service and all requirements have been met. book