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Additional Aerial Points

Multiroom TV

Times are changing, the days where the whole families spent the evening together in one room watching a single TV are long gone. Additional aerial points are extremely popular and can vary from a single additional aerial point in a bedroom to multi room systems incorporating many rooms with a range of services such as multiple satellite receivers throughout your property.

There are a number of ways we can add additional aerial points onto your existing system. We can do this at the time of replacing your aerial or as a separate service.

One of our experienced professional engineers will visit to assess the location of the proposed additional aerial points together with the strength of your existing signal. We can then discuss the possibilities taking into account your requirements and budget and provide you with a detailed quotation.

Extra Aerial point

Additional aerial points, Extra aerial point, Cheshire, Lancashire, MerseysideThe process will depend on the premises involved but the most common way to supply additional aerial points in a property is to install an aerial splitter in the loft. Then coax is then run to each additional chosen point.

External aerial splitters are used if necessary. All wall entry holes will be sealed against the elements and finally the aerial points will be checked for signal quality to ensure that all currently available services can be received to the agreed levels. (Coverage restrictions may apply).

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